We have a daringly new, extremely effective and efficient, simplified English methodology, called “Transitional English,” TE, for short. “Transitional English” is that phase of English which lies between no knowledge of the language, and knowledge of its standard form. TE is meant to be accessible freely on the Internet for the average world citizen, who wishes to learn easily to communicate with anyone else who speaks English.

Fifteen percent of the world’s population already can communicate in English as its first, or second language. An additional six percent of the world’s people, who speak and read Spanish, have free access to simplified TE through the courtesy of the University of Kentucky at the following website:
Globlec Projects

An additional fifteen percent of the Earth’s citizens will be able to benefit by this new website which is being created by an experienced webmaster, Adrian Cook, who has graciously undertaken to establish a site by which speakers of Chinese can also freely and easily learn to communicate in “Transitional English,” with the rest of the Planet’s English speakers.

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Free Access

The copyright for the “Transitional English for Speakers of Chinese,” is held by its translator, Yongnian “Dean” Gu, former Dean of the Department of Foreign Languages at Anhui Normal University in Wuhu, China. Anhui-Normal-University After the current site is established, thirty-six percent of the world’s peoples will have free access to TE as a global lingua franca. All of this is due to the generous nature of volunteer workers whose goal is to improve understanding among the world’s humanity with a deep respect for its diversity.


The next step to building linguistic bridges, which would expand the understanding and well-being of nearly eighty-eight percent of the world’s humans, will involve the translation of TE into the following languages: Arabic, Bahasa-Indonesia, Bengali, Farsi, French, German, Hindustani, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Portuguese, Russian, Swahili, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

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Level One Classes

We gratefully still depend upon qualified volunteer translators who will retain the copyrights to their works. It is our hope that eventually the remaining languages of the 93 represented by members of the General Assembly of the United Nations will also be prepared in translation along the successful format established by Dean Gu in his “Transitional English for Speakers of Chinese.”

Repeated exams of adult English, Level One classes, have established that those who study with simplified “Transitional English” texts, designed in their native language, acquire nearly twice as much of the English language, than do those who study with Standard English grammar-based texts, during the same intervals of time

Global intercultural and Interpersonal

 the world

communication is of utmost importance to help save humanity from the deadly consequences of further global warming, by switching from fossil fuels (coal, and petroleum), to renewable energy (sun and wind power). Our heartfelt thanks go to Jericho Road Pasadena, and its Director, Melanie Goodyear, for having connected us with our indispensable volunteer webmaster, Adrian Cook. – John Lihani, Ph.D., Director, Transitional English and Global Dialects;

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